I’m starting out  

When it comes to setting yourself up financially in life there is no such thing as getting started too early. Early on in life, you will often have fewer responsibilities and the greatest potential to start building a strong financial foundation for the future. It doesn’t mean that you will have to completely forgo all the luxuries in life like going out or taking an overseas holiday but it may mean that you just need to find the right balance between enjoying your time now and keeping an eye on your future.


Setting a savings budget first before bills and discretionary expenses enables you to free up a small amount of capital to start putting towards some larger goals such as buying your own home, paying for a wedding or purchasing your car outright as opposed to getting a loan.


Having clear goals is a great starting point that way we can help you put together a roadmap to where you would like to end up financially.


The building blocks at this stage in life include:

  • Budgeting – developing and managing a strategy to keep on track of a savings target
  • Managing personal debt – understanding the difference between good debt and bad debt
  • Planning for emergencies – you and your earning ability are your most valuable assets and having adequate risk management strategies in place
  • Paying off your HELP (university) debt
  • Saving for your first home – discovering various ways to save for your deposit
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