I want to … get help with separation and divorce 

With any break down in relationships, there may be winners and losers but one thing is certain is that life will still go on so it’s important to re-centre your course and evaluate your objectives. With careful planning, it is possible to get your money matters back on track and recover any lost ground to build a new financial future.


You may be feeling emotionally drained at first but it helps to have the support of a professional to help get you back on track.


Have you considered:

  • Making the necessary adjustments to your budget to account for only one income supporting the household?
  • If children are involved, making the appropriate changes to your estate planning?
  • Have you spoken to a financial adviser to outline the pros and cons of your settlement amount especially when it comes to lifestyle and funding for your child’s education?
  • Separating property may mean taking on debt, have you made sure that this is something you can afford?
  • Once assets are divided, made the right investment decisions to ensure that your funds last for as long as possible?
  • Checking beneficiaries for insurance policies to make sure you’re still happy with how the funds will be distributed?


Speak to us today and we can help you put together your plan to help you achieve this and many of your other goals.

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