I want to … minimise my tax 

Tax law can be complicated and you need to be very careful that the strategies you employ are not deemed to fall under the general anti-avoidance rule (Part IVA) by the ATO. If unsure best to speak to a tax specialist before entering into any tax-effective investment strategies. Not all tax effective strategies have to involve Caribbean shelf companies, many are just common sense whilst others require careful planning and discussions with a professional to make that it fits in with your objectives.


Have you considered:

  • Using your mortgage offset account more effectively instead of a regular savings account where earnings are taxed at your marginal tax rate?
  • Is a discretionary family trust appropriate for you?
  • Is using superannuation an appropriate investment vehicle where the tax rate is only 15% in most cases?
  • Are insurance or education bonds appropriate for you and your objectives?
  • Can debt recycling help you pay off your loan sooner?
  • Can salary sacrificing help you reduce your overall tax liability?
  • Is gearing an appropriate investment strategy? An example would be borrowing funds to purchase an investment property.


Speak to us today and we can help you put together your plan to help you achieve this and many of your other goals.

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