I want to … grow my super  

When you finally make the decision to stop working and enjoy the fruits of your labour, superannuation will play an important role in providing you with the income during retirement. Superannuation shouldn’t be left to the last minute as the secret is to start early because that will give you better options in terms of lifestyle later on.  Depending on your account balance, different structures may be available to you such as investing in direct property through self-managed super funds or accessing the share market to invest in direct equities. However super laws are constantly changing and not being across these changes may end up costing you more in the long run.


It’s best to speak to an adviser to better understand your options and put in place a plan to help you grow your super.


Have you considered:

  • Looking into ways to add to your super and possibly reducing your overall tax liability through salary sacrificing?
  • Making additional contributions for you or your partner and taking full advantage super’s retirement savings potential.
  • Taking a look under the bonnet and seeing where your money is invested to make sure the investment strategy is aligned to your long-term goals?
  • Investing too heavily in assets like shares and property may leave you exposed to economic risks that can cause significant losses whereas investing too conservatively in mostly cash and fixed interest may mean limited growth potential and miss out on your retirement savings goals.
  • Explore your options regularly to make sure that the structure you are in meets your overall objectives.


Speak to us today and we can help you put together your plan to help you achieve this and many of your other goals.

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