I want to … manage my debt 

Debt can play an important role in helping you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. However, if not managed properly can be costly or put you in a worse financial position. There is good debt and bad debt. Good debt is used to purchase assets that produce an income and qualify for a tax deduction in relation to interest costs. Examples of this are loans to purchase shares or an investment property. Whereas bad debt is are loans taken out to acquire assets that do not produce any income and therefore are not eligible to claim a tax deduction for the interest expense. In which case should be paid off as soon as possible. Examples of this are credit cards, personal loans and even the debt against your own home.


Have you considered:

  • Fixed vs variable interest rates?
  • Changing the frequency of your repayments?
  • Making additional repayments
  • Looking at other rate or structured options?
  • How much are you actually spending on interest each year?
  • Are you sticking to your budget?
  • Have you considered using debt recycling strategies?


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