I want to … set up my own SMSF 

Setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) isn’t always suited to everyone. If you want greater control over your retirement savings, more flexibility than you would with your traditional super fund then a SMSF may be of interest to you.


Some of the benefits of running a SMSF include:

  • Generally larger and less restricted investment menu and opportunities such as shares, fixed interest and property (direct and via managed fund), commodities, derivatives and possibly artwork.
  • Complete visibility of your investment portfolio.
  • Small business owners can hold their business premises within their SMSF.
  • Capacity to pool your super with up to three other individuals which may allow you to access investment opportunities that may not be available otherwise.
  • Effective tax management between super and pension phases as well as managing capital gains tax liabilities.


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