I want to … enjoy a stable retirement 

The one thing that matters most to people about their finances in retirement is having a regular, constant income that meets their spending needs. We can’t always tell what will happen tomorrow but if we start with some sort of plan it takes a lot of guesswork out of achieving a successful retirement.
Having a stable retirement means investing your super wisely, managing your expenses and lastly looking after your health.


Having all your funds in cash and fixed income ensures you have a steady stream of income but run the risk that you may outlive your capital (longevity risk). Investing in growth assets such as shares and property can help reduce longevity risk but the value of growth assets do fluctuate over time (market risk) and there is also a chance that you may have to sell these assets at the bottom of the market in order to pay an income (sequencing risk).

Have you considered any of the following:

  • Putting together a budget and separating your expenses into three categories: essential, lifestyle and future.
  • Looking at your investment portfolio and diversifying to get the right mix of income and growth assets?
  • Do you have the right professionals on your team behind you?
  • Start making better choices with your health, prevention is always a better option as the costs involved could have a significant impact on your retirement savings.
  • How long do you plan on keeping this investment?
  • Downsizing and directing the surplus funds into your retirement savings.
  • Looking at income generating assets, for example, annuities.


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