master your

Wealth Portal

Discover your Net Worth


In this guide Elena shows us how to add in all of your wealth items, being your assets and liabilities, onto your Wealth Portal.


  • Allocate ownership of your households wealth items.
  • Getting the latest property valuations and insights.
  • Linking your property manager to your investment properties.
  • Utilsing your generated wealth reports of changes in your net worth over time.

Understand your Cashflows 


In this guide Elena demonstrates how to utilise the budgeting features and get a birds eye view of your incomes and expenses.


  • Set budgets to your expenses.
  • Customise your expense ‘buckets’.
  • Tax tagging your transactions.
  • Utilsing your generated cash flow reports and see how on track you are with your budgeting.

Get your Protection sorted


In this guide Elena guides us with how to add in existing insurance policies and will.


  • Store and manage all current insurance policies and documents.
  • Create your simple free will from View Legal.
  • Understanding your executor kit.

Set financial goals


In this guide Elena demonstrates how to set yourself financial goals that you can keep on top of.


  • Set goals for savings, debt reduction, super, investments etc. 
  • Track your goals to your accounts live.
  • How to use the financial calculator.
  • Setting portal ‘to-do’s’.

Get your Team on board


In this guide Elena shows us how to add your team members onto your portal.


  • Add your family members, executor and professional advisers.
  • Manage what access they have to your portal.
  • How to reach out to your team.

We will guide you every step of the way.


Looking for an extra one-on-one Wealth Portal guide, check-in on how your Wealth Portal is tracking, or just have some unanswered questions? Schedule a time with us below and we can certainly help.


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