I want to … help my children / grandchildren financially

For many retirees, the idea of spoiling their grandchildren is all too common. This may mean gifts for birthdays and Christmas but some want to go further than that. Giving is great but be sure that you don’t compromise your own financial security by doing so or even your aged pension.


Some grandparents may want to offer support by way of starting an investment portfolio to help pay for school fees, however, it is important that you consider the ownership of this portfolio as there may be adverse tax consequences if not structured correctly.


The timing of offering financial support can impact the end outcome as well and it pays to seek financial advice on this matter. An example would be gifting property which may trigger stamp duty/capital gains tax liability.


Consider your estate planning if you decide to leave something to your grandchildren as all families are different especially if you have a large family or blended family. Not having a valid will can impact the length of time it takes to pass down assets or even alter the eventual outcome.


Have you considered any of the following:

  • Implementing a gifting strategy that doesn’t affect your aged pension?
  • Setting up an investment portfolio or education bond to help pay for your grand children’s education fees.
  • Formally gifting or lending money to your children for their first home deposit in the correct manner so as not to affect your financial circumstances.


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