Our focus.

Having worked in large organisations for many years we wanted to focus on a collaborative wealth management advisory business. We wanted to help individuals and families focus on defining their visions of success, understanding their passion and committing to achieving their goals.

We provide the framework, in-depth analysis and delivery of tailored outcomes. Our focus has always been our clients and we constantly innovate the way we do business in order to demonstrate our passion for excellence.

Becoming a Certified Adviser with the Responsible Investments Association of Australiasia (RIAA) was in response to the growing demand from clients that wanted their money to reflect their own personal values in terms of investing for the future.



Michael Sik


Life is full of tough choices.


Life is full of tough choices but the quality of these decisions will dictate the course you take. We’re here to help so that you can bring to life what’s really important to you.


We live in a world where your life meets your finances so that you can have the confidence to live your best life.


Discover your wealth at your fingertips.


Your FinPeak Wealth Portal is not only the place where you can view your entire financial life. It gives you access to everything about you from cashflow to budgeting, property, tax, super, investments and estate planning. Even if it’s across different institutions.

Your whole entire financial world at your fingertips.

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